Adventures in Madrid


Ever since my first foray into the art of traveling, the experience convinced me to heed to bring along a necessary item on all my later travels, my lucky charm. On the eve of my trip to Madrid, I could not help but pack the necklace that had accompanied me on so many journeys and made my life much easier on so many occasions. With that in my arsenal, I was ready to take Madrid by storm.





The 7-hour non – stop flight from Toronto was uneventful for the most part as I slept from the moment of takeoff to landing. Yeah, that should give you an idea of how stressful packing and planning for this trip was. Getting through customs and out of the airport was another uphill task as the lineup was enormous. I stood in the line patiently for close to 30 minutes before it got to my turn, and once the officer stamped my passport, it felt like a heavy burden had been lifted off me.



Up till this point in my trip, I had been sailing along with my English but it was time to hail a cab to get me to my hostel, which was about 12 kilometers from the airport. I had prepared for this though, and brushed up on my Spanish well before time. I was able to find a driver who was willing to take me for 30 Euros.


Tour –Day 1

1798084The next morning, I immediately signed up for a free walking tour to soak in the sights, and to familiarize myself with the immediate environment. On this tour, I made friends with an older French lady to prevent me from being approached by men seeking to “hang out”. To be honest, my senses were overloaded from the beautiful, magnificent scenery. I felt like I was being transported back in time due to the ancient nature of buildings like the Teatro Real and Royal Palace, which we were informed was free on Wednesdays. By noon, we were at the historic San Miguel Market where I unsurprisingly got separated from the group because I couldn’t resist trying the various Spanish delicacies they had on display. I ended up scouring the entire market, and got a taste of real Spanish cuisine which was pleasant to say the least. The tour continued without me, I had five days to make up for it.

To end this day with a bang, for some reason unexpected events always seem to happen to me. My son calls me up about some big corporate company to handle their water leak problems, so I just told them if the job is way to big for you to handle just call these guys at There’s no shame in asking for help, plus its good business for everyone. Once I solved that, I continued to enjoy the rest of my day.

Experience of a Lifetime

Screen Shot 2016-05-17 at 11.49.10 PM

November has already flown by and so much is going on in my life recently. I have started a brand-new side gig and in the midst of this, I flew to Barcelona again with my best pal, Jamie to spend a weekend. Believe it or not, it was a great five days filled with amazing shopping, sightseeing and not to mention the sun. Below I’m going to mention what it was like when I was in Barcelona.

We stayed in a wonderful resort named Marina Bay Resort very close to the sea beach. It was ideal for both of us since we could easily stroll to the beach, the center as well as the local pubs quickly and also safely.

We started by traveling by the sightseeing buses that circle around the city. They were definitely well worth our money and showed us quite a few things that neither of us could ever imagine before. We purchased a two-day ticket and also felt as if we were like keen-bean vacationers plugging the attractive headphones into our onboard tour guide radio.

On Sunday, we stumbled upon a wine tasting festival while we are walking from our resort to the center. We were fortunate enough to taste a couple of glasses of mouthwatering wine and were virtually struggling to read the tourist map after the third glass! Later that night we experienced the bright lights of Zara.

Jamie and I saw all the wonderful tourist sites of Barcelona such as the Sagrada Familia as well as the Parc Guell, which was simply breath-taking. I liked the courtyards, quaint streets along with the attractive balconies which lined the streets all around the city. I was, in fact, looking up all the time during my visit.

Apart from these, we were lucky enough to join the festival of La Merce which was taking place across the metropolis at the time. We experienced awesome fireworks on the sea beach one particular night while enjoying our dinner and also happened to stroll into a parade featuring gigantic puppets while having a walk along La Rambla.

There were numerous eateries all around the city and we had a tough time to select the appropriate one for us. However, one particular night we enjoyed the traditional vegetable paella at a roadside restaurant called the La Rambla on the well-known La Rambla street.

Barcelona is unquestionably a great city that one should visit during his or her lifetime. We could have done much more but our only constraint was the lack of time. A great source of enjoyment in this wonderful city will be to go out to the bars and clubs or simply chill out on the sea beach where there is a bit of everything.

I would love to hear from you whether you’re considering visiting Barcelona in the future. Now I’m concentrating on planning my next trip in Europe.


First Look At The Spain Square


Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 9.09.51 PM

Before I even came here, I have always seen pictures of this place. At first glance I could just tell that this landmark is just incredible. I knew that some day, I have to visit there and once I did, it looked just like it did in the magazines and photos. The scenery and environment was exactly how I pictured it to be.


I remember watching Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones and they had a shot of the Spain Square. In Spain, its actually called The Plaza de Espana. Growing up I have always admired the diverse elements of style when it comes to Spanish architecture. I don’t even know why and I am not even an architect.


See for yourself and judge it.